A San Francisco Same Day Edit

May 12, 2012

A while back, I shot a wedding for Jessica and Stephen and made a same-day edit movie for their Sonoma wedding. You can see it here. Jessica’s family liked it so much they hired me again for a second wedding. And then a third :-)

I feel bad for the dad’s who have to pay for THREE daughters’ weddings! Ouch! haha!


But as the date for Julie’s SF wedding got closer and closer, I began to brainstorm how I could make her video different from her sister’s. I wanted to go in a more modern direction and, based on the reactions of the guests, the bridal party, and (most importantly!) mom, I think it was a hit!

Take a look!

The best par is, Julie’s mom sent me and email after I sent her the online link to her second daughter’s personalized wedding movie website and she said  she was “moved to tears several times..”! Yay!

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CreativeLive | The Bianchi Sisters

April 17, 2012

CreativeLive.com is an amazing online resource for photographers of all levels. They provide excellent online tutorials for anyone who wants to learn new things, be reminded of old lessons, or get inspired to break out of a rut of an old habit. And they do all of this for FREE!

For each of their online workshops, they usually have a promo video that informs viewers of their upcoming sessions.

I had the privilege of working with CreativeLive and Jules and Joy Bianchi to make the promo video for the next, upcoming workshop.

Take a look at this video – we definitely made it in sort of a guerrilla film-making style (shot and edited within 24 hours) – but we’re happy with it. It’s pretty funny. Check it out!

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Estée Lauder and The Glitter Guide

April 13, 2012

I recently had the pleasure to make a fun video for Taylor Sterling, the creator of www.theglitterguide.com. The premise of the video is “a day in the life of a ‘Glitter Girl’” :-) Sounds fun, right? It was a blast to shoot and I’m very happy with the way the video turned out.

Sponsored by Estée Lauder and their awesome beauty balm creme (aka, BB Creme) this video is one of my recent favorites! Check it out!


A Day in the Life of a Glitter Girl | Sponsored by Estée Lauder from andrew msv on Vimeo.


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Today’s Bride Magazine | Architectural Modern

February 15, 2012

Today’s Bride Magazine and its editor in chief, Cristine Thomas, have a great relationship with Studio MSV. We’ve been advertising partners off and on since something like 2003 or so. And the last few years, I’ve had the privilege to work with Cristine and Today’s Bride on many of their amazing covershoots.

Here’s one that you can check out right now. The theme is “Architectural Modern” (with a bit of an 80′s style!) Check it out! I have many more to come…


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Francis and Kristine | Valentine’s Save the Date

February 14, 2012

Like many a modern-day relationship, Kristine and I started connecting via email.

The more questions she asked about our services, the more I knew she and her fiance, Francis, would be a perfect match for Studio MSV. Her questions about aesthetic style and music choices were all questions I hoped she would ask. And, likewise (I hope,) my answers were just the answers she was looking for.

Kristine and Francis have decided to work with Studio MSV for their wedding! But first – they have a special message to their friends and family that will be invited to their special event in October. Take a look:

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