Film Festival Screening

May 1, 2008

Last night’s screening was very interesting.Casey2

For one thing, I felt pretty old. Every one there was a college student and my assumption that most participants probably had much more spare time and many more crew members than we did turned out to be pretty accurate. One team consisted entirely of high school seniors and another team had upwards of 10 or 12 people on their crew; many of them dedicated to one particular task (like operating the boom and live mixing it to keep levels sounding good.) We, as wedding videographers are used to wearing all of those hats and becoming a one-man movie crew. :-)  

There were a handful of entries that were actually quite good – my favorite being "Broommate" about a magical broom that feels neglected by his owner and eventually moves out of the apartment. Yeah. You wouldn’t think it from my synopsis, but it was very well done and quite funny.


Hopefully our movie was well received as well. It was kind of hard to tell because there wasn’t a whole lot or audible crowd reaction that indicated one thing or another. I guess we’ll see once the audience ballots are tallied. (The audience members were each allowed to vote for three of their favorite films and the final tally will be announced later this month.)


Overall, it was a fun and exciting experience. If anything, the experience helped me to become a better event videographer because it’s just one more camera-yielding activity that helps to hone all of my relevant skills. It’s kind of like doing drills at track practice or going to the gym… if you were forced to stay on the Nautilus machine for 20 hours straight. :-|

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FilmRacing Screening: TONIGHT

April 30, 2008


If you’re in town – near or around San Francisco – and have a couple of free hours tonight, our 24-hour Filmracing movie will be screened, along with the other entrants, tonight in San Francisco.

The movies will be screened from 9pm to 11pm at the Embarcadero Center Cinema (One Embarcadero Center, Promenade Level.) Admission is $9/ticket and are sold on a first come, first served basis. Please arrive 20-30 minutes ahead of time – just in case.

Thanks for your interest and support! (If you do plan on attending, please feel free to text me or call me so we can meet up and go in together. My cell: 510-604-5510)


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FilmRacing Today Part V: “Two Guys” World Premiere

April 27, 2008

So, ladies and gentlemen, here is the world premiere of "Two Guys" by Team "Second Place".

This movie was written, filmed, and edited in 20 hours. There were two people in the cast and crew. The them of the movie, along with others’ in the contest, had to revolve the theme of "CHORES" and somewhere in the movie, the secret element of "unlocking something" had to be included.

This movie was our first 24-hour film competition.
Enjoy the movie and please leave a comment!

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FilmRacing Today

April 25, 2008

TestIn a previous post I mentioned that I was participating in a 24-hour film contest (where I must brainstorm, script, storyboard, act in, film, and edit a movie within 24 hours.)

Well, today is the day. So starting around noonish, I will begin the brainstorming process. At 10pm, the official theme and surprise element will be released. Then, for the subsequent 24 hours, I will be busy writing, filming and editing like a mad man.

I will probably still answer emails here and there, but please understand if I am slow to respond!

Wish me luck!

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Diesel Film Racing

April 20, 2008

Independent filmmakers know about these things. The general public usually has not heard of it. (And when I say "have not heard of it", I mean "don’t care about fanboys and their homemade YouTube geek Star Wars movies") What am I talking about? It’s 24-hour film competitions.

The idea is that within 24 hours, you have to conceive of, script, storyboard, film, edit, and deliver a short movie and enter into a competition for a shot at medium-sized cash prizes and a modicum of fame. If you continue to win nationally, however, you could very well make a mark and gain some recognition. And when I say "gain some recognition" I’m talking mostly about among internet forums. :-|

OK – so I’m being a little cynical. Forgive me.

But seriously… there’s a competition going on right now that is sponsored by Diesel (of the clothing company variety, not of the Vin variety.) I’ve decided to enter it and see how I fair.

"How do they know if you made your movie in 24 hours or if you’ve prepared it before hand?" you ask? Here’s how it works:

Dieselfilmracingback2008_05_copy On Friday night, April 25th, the official website will announce a surprise theme and a surprise element. So the theme can be something like, "revenge" or "accounts receivable" (I hope it’s nothing like the latter). A surprise element can be a prop (e.g., "steering wheel", or "curtain rods"); it can be an action (e.g., "stirring a cup" or "a firm handshake").

These elements are to thwart any pre-planning contestants might try. In addition to judging the quality of the film, they will also judge on the proper use of these elements and/or cheating of any kind.

24 hours later, we deliver the finished movie at a drop point in San Francisco.

This is the first time I’ve ever participated in this kind of a competition and though I don’t necessarily expect to become CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD, my friend and I think we can at least make something pretty decent. I know you’re not supposed to go into a competition thinking you will not do well, but I’m a realist; besides San Francisco, entries will be coming from New York, Los Angeles, Philly, Vancouver, Toronto and a host of other huge indy-film cities.

Anyway… we’ll give it our best shot. I’ll keep you updated. Wish me luck!

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