Hawaiian Vacation – Day 8

April 29, 2009

On our eighth day in paradise, we did the touristy drive up to the north shore area of Oahu where the we watched sea turtles swim, ate garlic shrimp and shaved ice at Oahu's most famous eateries. No wait. We didn't watch sea turtles at famous eateries… that sentence was weird.

Anyway, here are some pictures of that excursion!

Looking for sea turtles.

DSC02816 copy


DSC02826 copy

…still looking…


Oh look! There's one! I think it's a robot (see the antennae on its back?)

DSC02821 copy

There's another.

DSC02824 copy

Yikes! It's coming up on shore! RUN!!

DSC02831 copy

DSC02844 copy

DSC02847 copy 

Good times.

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