Reframe Austin part 4

April 28, 2009

Yesterday was great. I managed to get inspired by some of the top wedding cinematographers in the country and from around the world. And the week isn't over yet!

After some great industry discussion over drinks and food and impromptu gatherings have happened already and I'm still looking forward to more inspiration and lively discussion. Right now, I'm sitting in a talk by UK cinematographer, Philip Bloom. His stuff is ridiculous. Feel free to Google him – rad.

But just real quickly, an update on last night's after-hours hangout/karaoke time:

Joe Simon looks uncannily like Plastic Man.


Ryan Koral and Jen Moon


Tina and Kyle (Both recent "Mrs. Simons")


Kristen* and Bruce – 2/3rds of the Collective. (Julie was prepping for her Karaoke run.)



By the way, you can check out some videos and other media here (some funny, some not as funny, all rad):

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