Maui Photoshoot: Sneak Peek

April 6, 2009

Direct from photographer, Matt Alvarado's blog post; some behind-the-scenes photos from the Vendor Chic IV photo/video shoot I did in Maui last month.

(click photo to enlarge!)


Check out Matt's blog and site!

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Hawaiian Vacation – Day 01

March 25, 2009

As a small-business owner, it's nearly impossible to leave your work 'at the office'. Your work follows you wherever you go because YOU are your work. Until I achieve a sustainable passive income and become a medium-sized businesss, this is the way it will be (unless someone has some good investment advice for me. Bernie Madoff, got any good tips? oh wait…)

So this morning, before I left my house for the airport to fly here I promised a client that I would deliver some extra copies of her 2007 wedding video as well as the raw footage. I spent all night rendering the raw footage and getting ready to burn it to disc. Because I get my discs printed professionally instead of doing them in-house with ink jet disc printers, I only had one set of blank, printed discs for the raw footage. There was an error in the burn and essentially one of the discs became unusable. But I didn't have any other discs with which to start another burn!

So here I am; I stayed up all night (literally!), my flight is leaving in a few hours, and I won't be able to deliver on my promise to my client. What do I do? As you guys know, I'm a big believer in team work. I spoke about it in a previous post. So after racking my brain, I decided to reach out to my intern, Lisa, my printer/duplicator guy (Matt Townley of MST Productions) and see if they could help me make new discs and ship it to my client in my absence.


Of course, I wouldn't be writing about this in a positive tone if I didn't have a happy ending. So, as far as I know from the updates I've received so far, Lisa and Matt were able to get the discs sent out for me! Hooray for good teams!!

My vacation really only starts now. Now that I've let go of this particular burden, I can relax and concentrate on rejuvenating myself so I can be a more efficient small-business owner when I return to the mainland!

Here are some photos from my trip so far:

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