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December 22, 2008

Remember the time when you were proposed to? Remember the time when you cried because of the vows spoken at a wedding you attended? What is video good for if not for preserving memories? And who has the most interesting memories worth preserving if not those special people you know that have lived an entire lifetime of memories?

Introducing: The Legacy Video!

Help to prepare the the memories and stories of those special people who would love nothing more than to be remembered and to be talked about for years to come!

See my very first Legacy Video here below…
This is a video about Mr. and Mrs. Wang who live in San Jose. Mr. Wang is turning 80 this year and they are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary so they wanted to have this movie made. It's a story of their vibrant and independent lives – filled with playdates, trips to the library, and karaoke… lots of karaoke. :-)

It runs about 16-minutes and is in un-subtitled Mandarin. If you can watch the whole thing, then you rule. But otherwise, imagine your parents, uncles, aunties, or grandparents getting a chance to tell their stories or to have their stories told! What a great gift!

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