Oakland Rotunda – Full Circle

January 29, 2009

Back in 2006, I shot this amazing wedding at the Oakland Rotunda Building. The venue was spectacularly grand, the couple was dazzling and effervescent, and the photographer I worked with was a real hoot. To top it all off, the bride had arranged for a Cirque Du Soleil style trapeze show to surprise the groom. I used footage from that wedding for my demo reel in 2007 and 2008. I won a blue ribbon for the bridal prep portion of the final video. It was fantastic; very memorable, to say the least. (For a blast from the past, read my ancient blog post about that event HERE.)

It's not a lens aberration; the Rotunda Building is slightly oblong and not a perfect circle.

Two years later, I receive and invitation from my friend, Crystal Lequang – wedding designer extraordinaire, for an event to be held at the Oakland Rotunda building. I hadn't stepped foot in that venue since that day in June of 2006 so I was eager to RSVP "yes".

Me, Crystal, and her assistant, Katelyn

Things really got strangely coincidental when I looked more carefully at the Evite and noticed that Craig Merrill, the photographer that I had worked with back in 2006 was the "official" photographer for the event! Wow, I thought, what a cool coincidence! Since I hadn't spoken to or worked with Craig since that wedding we did together, it'd be fun to catch up and get reacquainted.

So I arrive at the event and walked in with my friends, Michelle (aka MB), her brother and her sister-in-law Melinda (Melinda Le Photography) and I find out that we just missed a trapeze routine. What?! There was trapeze? How weird! It turns out that it's the same trapeze artist that performed at a recent wedding that I shot for MB's clients, Charlene and Chris. After talking to that trapeze artist, she remembered me and assured me that it was the exact same routine that she did previously so I needn't worry that I missed out. That was kind of a weird coincidence, right? It gets better:

Later in the evening, the emcee announced ANOTHER trapeze routine – one not to be missed! THAT one turned out to be the exact same guy doing the exact same routine that I saw back in 2006! WEIRD!

Anyway, I had a good time – albeit a little Twilight Zoney – and got to catch up with a lot of good friends. Check out some photos by continuing…

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