A Word About Investment

Our package rates are very reasonable and affordable for almost everyone. To those who place a special importance on preserving the memories created on your special occasion, commissioning a quality professional who gets you and is trained to capture moments through photography or films, is a very small investment, indeed.

Our rates start at a modest $2800 (for 6-hours of one-camera photography coverage) and go up from there.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please simply reach out to us in one of many ways. Start by going here and letting us know you're interested in hearing more.

Thank you for your interest in what we do.


Our photo+cinema package unites our photo and video crew, working together to make the best possible art for you. For more details about this and other services, click here to inquire with us!

Cinema Only

Our cinema packages have been the standard of quality in the Bay Area since 2003. Starting at an entry-level rate, there's no reason why any bride should go without a wedding movie! For more details about our full array of high-quality, full-service cinema packages, click here to inquire with us!

Photo Only

It goes without saying; if you're planning a wedding, you need great wedding photos. That's where we come in! Our very reasonable photography rates are an investment in peace of mind as well as proven quality. For more details on our high-quality, photography packages, click here to inquire with us!

If you're looking for promo videos, event coverage, photo sessions, or any other photo or cinema service, please click here to inquire with us for a custom quote!